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My Favorite Roll


Spring 2023

I have always enjoyed putting things together and solving various puzzles, such as jigsaw puzzles. My work explores the idea of puzzles and how pieces, when assembled, make up a whole. Jigsaw puzzles consist of putting puzzle pieces together to create a final image. I am drawn to puzzles and tend to implement them in my life, not on purpose and without knowing. People often bring to my attention how I have somehow incorporated the idea of puzzles or putting things together into my life, schoolwork, or work. My work explores the relationship between the individual puzzle pieces and the whole image they create. This relationship between individual and whole reflects the relationship I have with my family. My family has a powerful bond and connection with each other, like a puzzle with interlocking parts/pieces. This piece was created using recycled jigsaw puzzle pieces. The image that is created when the pieces are put together is of my favorite sushi roll, the summer roll.

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