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My Family Recipe Book

Project type

Artist Book


Spring 2023

Food and recipes have always played an important role in my life. My recipe artist's book also explores the idea of pieces making up a whole. This book project is a collection of meaningful family recipes from different holiday meals. It has many components: a meal planning booklet, recipes, and an organizing menu planning booklet. Each element is essential to the totality of the work, and so are the specific ingredients to each recipe. If just one is missing, it would be incomplete. Each ingredient is a single piece of the puzzle in a recipe and works together to create a dish. If one ingredient were missing, the dish would be different/incomplete. I created a blizzard pocket book that will have 8 pockets/sections. The first pocket in the book will hold the menu and pocket accordion book. The pocket accordion book will hold all the names of the dishes that have been used in the book. The dishes can be selected to create a menu for a meal, where the user can select different dish names to be added to the menu. The menu has slits in the paper, so that the names of the dishes can be easily added and changed to the user's preference. The last section of the book will hold a pamphlet book for notes. The pamphlet book could also be used to save past menu selections that the user can then view for reference later. The remaining 6 sections of the book will hold the recipes that I have selected. Each pocket will be a different dish type: soups, appetizers, mains, sides, vegetables and dessert/baked goods. Each pocket will have recipes that I have selected that are important and meaningful to me. All of the recipes are family recipes that my family enjoys eating during the holidays. The recipes will be printed on a 5x6 Canson Mi-Teintes paper.

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